Welcome to Our Official Website

It has been a long time coming but we FINALLY have a website. Let this be your one-stop-shop for all information on us and all our podcasts. In case you didn’t know already, we have been doing these radio shows since 2013 every single week. Thanks to you, the person who is reading this, our supporter we have been able to launch this website. You can find all our shows in the episodes section, news about our upcoming shows right here. You can also find information on upcoming events because who doesn’t like a good party?

Also do not forget to sign up to our newsletter, we will be implementing this in the near future and as long as you have our email we will get to you no problem. If you have any suggestions for our website or how to improve this, we are all ears. Simply go to the contact page, fill out the form and it will automatically come to us. A request form coming up too for upcoming shows.


Thanks for being here, look around. And stick with us because this is going to be one hell of ride.

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  1. Dusti

    absolutely AWESOMETASTIC !!! great job Mauricio


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